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For quality minerals, fossils and gems, we are Switzerland's No. 1 for 57 years

Our specialty: Outstanding selection of Swiss minerals and rocks

This page will provide you with an introduction to our company and team and lets you take a virtual tour through our shops.

Siber +Siber was founded in 1964 as one of Europe's first professional companies dealing with minerals. Having started with high quality mineral specimens for collectors, our inventory has constantly gotten bigger and more varied. As a consequence, we now offer an incredible selection of beautiful rock items:
Minerals from Switzerland and worldwide sources for collectors, fossils, decorative polished stones, gemstones, meteorites, tumbled stones (200 types), jewelry, lapidary equipment and all sorts of stands and bases for specimens.

Our selection and variety of beautiful minerals, gems and stone items is unparalleled.

Our team:


Yves Kieras

With us since 2010. Sales (retail and wholesale) and office.
Richard Meyer

With us since 2014. Sales, office. Our specialist for Swiss minerals.
Sylvia Roethlisberger

Sales in Aathal and Zurich. With us since 2009.
Roland Schaefer

Head of sales gem and lapidary department. With us since 1988.
Myrta Wirz

Sales gem and lapidary department. With us since 1999.
Peter Siegenthaler

Support lapidary department, occasionally cutting gems.
Dr. Andreas Stucki

General manager and owner. Doctorate degree in mineralogy-petrography and MBA.


Regula Rubin

Store manager in Zurich and sales. Usually present on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Gaby Pittner

Sales and decoration. Former store manager. With us since 1990.
Margrit Ebinger

Sales in Zurich. With us since 2013.
Sylvia Roethlisberger

Sales in Zurich and Aathal.
Angelika Prader

Sales. With us since 2011.

Dr. h.c. Hans-Jakob (Kirby) Siber

Founder of Siber+Siber, owner. Also founder of the Sauriermuseum Aathal next to us.
Edy Siber

Owner. Administrative work for Siber+Siber and the Sauriermuseum Aathal.

A virtual tour through our store in Aathal!

Our mineral house

offering minerals, fossils, meteorites and jewelry

Our big entrance room

Big room near entrance

Swiss minerals and rocks

Swiss mineral specimens and worked stones

Fossil room

Our fossil room with a big table full of Madagascar treasures

Mineral room

Our mineral room with classic and historic minerals

High-class mineral room

Our mineral room with high class minerals

High-class mineral room with fossils

Our mineral room with the fossil wall

The Gold Museum

with world class crystallized gold, gold nuggets and historical objects

Our gem and lapidary house

with gems, rough stones, tumbled stones, decorative objects and lapidary equipment

Room with rough stones and the popular geodes

Our room with all sorts of rough stones and the popular geodes

Gem room with cut objects, gems and tumbled stones

The large room with gems, tumbled stones and amethyst

Tumbled stones: 200 kinds

A glimpse at our tumbled stone selection: more than 200 types!

Rough stones

The rough stone room

...this and much more in Aathal